Day off

The Summer Reading Challenge is now in full swing and Thursday saw me talking in assembly at lovely Levens School. Levens is a friendly village school and as they were my last school visit the children were ‘lucky’ enough to have the chance to smell this year’s pungent stickers. I finished my talk to choruses of “poooh”, “erghhhhh”. Think they liked them.

The playground has the most glorious view but my photographic skills didn’t do it justice. Must try harder.

Today I had a morning at home catching up with those jobs I put off as long as possible but in the afternoon I caught the bus into town to deliver my needle-felted dodos to Kendal Museum. I’ve talked about it often enough so I remembered to take my camera and took some photos for you.

Pleased to see that my crafts – Moke’s Makes – have been released from the confines of the glass cabinet and are spread out amongst the wonderful goodies made by local craftspeople.

Couldn’t let a day off go without some crochet. I often use long craft pipe cleaners in making needle felted bracelets. I wondered how they would work with crochet. I formed the pipe cleaner into a circle – making sure it would fit over my hands – and bound it together with some yarn. Then using a chunky multi-coloured yarn I double crocheted around the pipe cleaner circle. I then played about with creating ‘petals’ in the front and then the back loops. The ‘pattern’ could do with a little more work and a mix of colours would be fun but I’m pleased with the prototypes.

With all the blues I think they look like a strange jelly fish.

I know I’m British and obsessed with the weather but “Phew what a scorcher!”. Night night.

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