Rugby in the library whatever next?

Yes truly there was rugby in the library today. Author Tom Palmer visited to run a family sports quiz and for every question a team answered correctly they got to kick the ball (an odd shaped one so it must be rugby right?) over the posts (?) – sorry if my lack of sporting knowledge is showing. Tom was excellent and both young and old(er) people had fun answering questions and talking about the books, magazines and newspapers they like to read, the sports they enjoy, and the teams they follow. Kendal was Tom’s first port of call in his ‘Try Reading’ tour of 42 (!) libraries so at least for the morning Kendal Library will be at the top of his leader board for tries (???) scored.  It was great to see families having such a good time with the very entertaining Mr Palmer.

Back to my comfort zone…

Spike Milligan wrote:

String is an important thing, rope is thicker but string is quicker

and it certainly is for making bottle bags (especially when you’ve run out of dishcloth cotton).

The pattern for this bag comes from that old favourite “Crochet Unravelled” by Claire Bojczuk. It has proved one of my most useful patterns over the last few hot and sunny weeks. I love the symmetry of the stitches on the strap. Very satisfying.

And after that happy bit of crocheting, time to say ‘Night night’.

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