Here’s ‘Red’ so I must be at a different library today.

DSCN0351Ambleside here I come. The journey from Kendal to Ambleside has to be one of the prettiest commutes in the world so on a sunny morning it’s a great way to start the day and when I learn how to take panoramic views I’ll capture some images for you.

I love the way this route has so many facets. From the Lakeland Fells opening up before you to the tree lined tunnels that suddenly give way to a lakeside stretch of road before you turn into the busy honeypot ‘village’ of Ambleside. Right in the middle opposite the bus station is the library.

Even the buses look prettier…DSCN0356

When it gets to lunchtime I can go for a little look-see.

One final photo for my daughter…she’ll understand why!

Marmots, a little memory for the chalet girl.

Marmots, a little memory for the chalet girl.

Tomorrow how I needle-felt a Dodo (ooch!). Night night.

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