KC does puddings

Its been a busy old week. But very pleasant for all that. My buddy JG said she had left a bag for me in the staff room…look at the treasure trove I found!

I had to have a play with these lovely threads and tried crocheting a little Pelargonium brooch in the pink and green Sylko Perle with a 2.25mm hook – perhaps not quite as vivid as my camera makes it seem.

The pattern comes from my old favourite:

I reduced the number of flowers from 5 to 4 making it a little easier to create the blossom effect of the flower cluster.

The end of the working week (almost) was spent with AlW and AW (I’m going to have to get a better system of ‘naming’ my chums while preserving their anonymity. I’m beginning to get in a muddle so you must be too, sorry) at friends KC and MR’s enjoying an evening of deliciousness and conversation.

My photos don’t do the spread any justice as I missed all the lovely salads, veggies, fish and veggie ‘schnitzel’ because I was too busy eating! KC reminded me to get my camera out as she wanted it known that she DOES DO PUDDINGS! I can testify to KC’s pudding making (excellent KC, excellent), although I think the trifle (again greed got in the way of me taking a photo before it had started to vanish) may have had a touch of the AlWs about it!

Its five months since we all shared KC and MR’s wedding day. A special and wonderful occasion. Looking through their beautiful wedding album brought back happy memories of that day for all of us. Big happy sigh time…..

I may have mentioned that KC DOES PUDDINGS but she also DOES SEWING! Look at this lovely tote bag which she gave me

She has taken so much trouble to retain the symmetry of the striking pattern on the fabric. Its fantastically made and also a super size. I love bags that are able to accommodate A4 paper and folders. Whoopee! At the moment my new bag is too new and fabulous for me to risk getting it marked and dirty but don’t worry Lovely Bag your time will come very soon…I just want to admire your pristine loveliness a bit longer…am I talking to a bag? Oh dear…

This week there are BIG changes afoot, more to follow. The staff at Kendal Library will also be ‘Having A Cuppa for Marie Curie‘ so I’d better trot and start making some goodies to sell for this wonderful charity. Have a good one.

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