If last (!) week was a week of ‘lasts’ this is one of ‘firsts’! A big change of job and the steepest learning curve I have encountered for a long time. Lucky I like a challenge. I have enjoyed the ‘first’ of many journey’s to Carlisle. Setting off from beautiful Oxenholme station

stopping briefly at Penrith DSCN0616

to arrive at Carlisle in time for work.

The journey gives me an opportunity for reading or crocheting. In no time on my ‘first’ journey I hooked up a couple of little flowers that I will use to sit in the centre of some new flower brooches. DSCN0601

It’s fun to be back in a city. Having been born in the Lake District I actually grew up in the centre of London. I loved it but now I’m a wee bit older I like things a little more sedate. Carlisle is a small friendly city just perfect for my return to urban life. I’m looking forward to having chance to explore it. Here’s the first installment. This is what I see as I walk out of the station

Impressive isn’t it?

If all this ‘first-ness’ gets too much I can always enjoy what is left of AlWs beautiful and delicious cake with a  properly brewed cuppa, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…….

and reminisce…

Enjoy the long weekend.

PS I was going to change my blog name because I felt slightly dishonest still calling myself Library Lady – gone but not forgotten – however as I can’t figure out how to, it looks like we are stuck with Library Lady! Hope you don’t mind.

2 comments on “Firsts

  1. Your’re getting psychogeographical Library Lady!!!! (peychogeography def: playful”drifting” around urban environments)

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