Crochet on a train…chooo chooo….

Something had to be done. Time was running out. Can you imagine? no time for crochet! EeeeeeK. I was on the brink of making a chart so things were critical. Nil desperandum.  I put on my ‘time management’ head ( bit difficult because usually I wear my scatter-brained head) and came up with a plan. Crochet on a train!

It goes like this. Waiting for train read book (easy to stash as soon as train comes into view) on train 40 minutes of undisturbed crochet. Aaaaaaah that’s better. Now what to make? Of course I turned to the library and JG produced a new(ish) addition from the craft section, 51NpzMiZpgL-1

There are some brilliant ideas in here and I have mentally noted a few as possible Christmas (too soon to mention the C word?) pressies. But first I have been thinking that my beautiful new teapot DSCN0574

might like a cozy to keep her warm now that there is a definite nip in the air. Some time ago I made an owl cozy for B from Herdwick wool and every time I visit I look wistfully at it sitting proud atop of her teapot*. About time I made my own. And so begins my first ‘crochet on a train’ project.

The first few rows underway, IMG-20130906-00001

I know, I know it doesn’t look promising right now. But it will blossom. I promise. The sharp eyed among you will notice that this is a Patons’ pattern. If you follow the Patons link and search for ‘Owl Tea Cosy’ it will bring up the pattern – among many other wonderful cosy patterns.

I love working with Herdwick wool. Herdwicks are one of the most famous Cumbrian breeds of sheep. They have beautiful ‘teddy bear’ faces and their fleece changes colour as they grow older, starting off as almost black on the lambs and turning a misty grey/pale beige as the sheep ages. Its a very course wool and I am told by spinners not always a joy to spin. The yarn is, truth be told, a wee bit scratchy and not really something you want to wear next to your skin. Although years ago I crocheted a Herdwick jumper which is a perfect top layer for cold winter’s days up here in the chilly Lake District. It will certainly keep my tea piping hot!

If you want to know more about the wonderful sheep that produce this ‘self-dyed’ wool then I can highly recommend $T2eC16JHJHkFFlt,w)JRBSHnzgfnZ!~~60_35

This lovely book won a prize a few years back in the Lakeland Book of The Year Awards and certainly earned it.

That’s the crochet sorted. What about the ‘book for the platform’? JG came up with a title for that too, 7193K7hq1wL._SL1000_

JG had just finished it and said she couldn’t put it down. Recommendation enough for me. So I pootled into Kendal Library yesterday and there it was waiting for me on the requests’ shelves. Thanks JG.  Of course I couldn’t wait for a platform to read on so I started it last night….its not for the faint hearted but it is certainly gripping…but there is washing to do so I must…well…maybe another page …or two…


* The lovely B sent me a photo of her using said Owl Tea Cosy…..

owl tea cosy


so I just had to do a quick edit and include it. Thanks B.

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