The power of the word

I know that I should be heavily into ‘crochet on a train’ by now especially as THE Season is not far off in terms of home makes as pressies but JG was right ‘Alex’ was a gripping read. Remember it? 7193K7hq1wL._SL1000_

While not for those of a delicate disposition – some of the descriptive passages had me wincing (and getting odd looks to boot) – you are constantly consumed by the need to read on. This book is not so much a ‘Who Dunnit?’ but more a ‘Why did they do it?’ (not as catchy I know). Excellent.

Now sometimes I am tempted away from the borrower’s path and read books that are not from the library. In the case of the title I am reading at the moment its a good job my daughter’s boyfriend leant it to me. Emblazoned on the front cover of Anne Holt‘s “1222” is a Daily Mirror quote “Like a mash-up of Stieg Larsson, Jeffery Deaver and Agatha Christie” . If I’d seen that on a library (or book shop) shelf I would be dropping the book and running for the hills! I’m showing my age but a “mash-up” in relation to a novel?! Surely never a good thing….but in this case…… apparently it is.

Holt’s novel features an irascible ex-detective trapped in a Norwegian hotel with a killer on the loose. Sounds familiar territory? Yes but that makes it a perfect autumn evening read and there are enough twists in both characterisation and plot to make it a worth dipping into the first few pages and becoming absorbed. Unfortunately for me it opens with a train crash. Not brilliant when sitting on the early morning Pendolino to Glasgow Central! In any event I’d recommend it. After all as The Times tells us this is “An homage to Miss Marple – or Miss Marple as a badass paralysed Norwegian lesbian detective”, what can be wrong with that? (psssst….are these newspaper critics on something? bad-ass? Good grief!). Here’s the cover to look out for: 519DdwzBbLL

Lest you think that crochet has exited my life forever never fear. Yesterday afternoon the urge to get hooking overcame me and I began working on a new real string bag. The pattern was designed by Ruth Shepherd and I found it on Talking Crochet at Here ’tis (well as far as I’ve got):

I have now two projects on the go, the string bag and my owl tea cosy, but I’ve run out of yarn and string for both! Can you believe it. Like everyone I know I have a huge stash of wools, acrylics  and strings but nothing suitable to finish these little enterprises. Ain’t it always the way? Lucky that I’ve got a few days off soon and will be able to take a trip to The Wool Clip at Caldbeck to replenish my stock of Herdwick using the voucher my wonderful friends at the library got me (especially thanks to FT who went up there to buy it!). DSCN0586

Now there is something to look forward to. As to the string, a toddle to the local ironmongers should see me right.

Finally….Words are important and names say a lot about us. Guess what? weeks after ceasing to officially be a ‘Library Lady’ I’ve discovered how to change the blog title! I’m slow but determined…But what to call my hotch potch of scribblings? Any ideas? I had thought ‘Making Ends Meet’ but now may go with ‘Eclectic Moke’, as the ad goes ‘it does what it says on the label’ or Queen of the Spiders (don’t ask). Your thoughts would be much appreciated. HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP…..

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