It’s nice to be appreciated!

What a wonderful couple of days I’ve had. So before my memories fade I had better get tapping on this here keyboard.

Unusually for me I was off on a Friday and not only did this mean I caught a lovely day to walk along the River Kent

and be glad that I wasn’t dragging my washing down these steps to scrub it clean! DSCN0651

But it also meant that I was able to pop into one of our local wool shops, join in their Macmillan Coffee Morning (make mine a tea!) and spontaneously meet up with some familiar faces.

And if that wasn’t all superb enough the real purpose of perambulation was to meet up with JG at the beautiful Abbot Hall Art Gallery for lunch and on top of that there was the bonus of our fellow Daughter of Destruction (coined from a time we tried to hang wall coverings…you had to be there) BD being able to join us!

Aaaaah, satisfied sigh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Poor Abbot Hall Cafe they almost had to lever us out we got so settled. I really appreciate the good friends I have and how nice it is to get some time to spend with them.

Another friend deserving appreciation is AW. Today she hosted a brilliant open morning at Sedbergh library to welcome the fair folk of that small town into their treasure of a library and let them know that she is now on hand to help them and keep it a tip top convivial place to be. Now this being AW everything was beautifully arranged. She’d visited the local primary school whose children had written poems for a wall display,

there was a warm welcome,

and plenty of AW’s tasty home baking,

It was also a real treat to see a display of AW’s incredible sugarcraft. This is the woman who made my fabulous cake when I left the library,

so I shouldn’t be surprised at the wonderful things she can fashion but her work is so detailed and intricate that it is hard to believe all these stunning flowers are created with  sugar!

Amazing! Well done AW on such a beautiful display and a marvellous morning for the library users of Sedbergh. And thanks too to the other library staff and volunteers for supporting this lovely event. It was great to be there.

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