New name day

Well I’ve finally gone and done it. My blog has a new name. No longer a Library Lady by trade I didn’t feel I could carry on under that title but what a struggle to think of a new one. In the end as you can see I settled for “It’ll Be Reet” ‘cos it sums up my northern roots, my general disposition (for good or ill) and after all I suppose it will be…reet.

Its late at night but before I turn in I just wanted to show you my latest creations. The real string bag just grew and grew and I had to rein it in with some steeply decreasing rows of double crochet in hemp in order to finish it off.  There was a moment there when I thought I’d have to pull it all back! But now its done I’m really pleased with the result as it is a handy receptacle for my more colourful double knit yarns allowing me to see in and view what colours I have in ‘stock’.

This has been useful for another project…birdie decorations. Thanks to Lucy at the wonderful Attic24 blog I have become quite addicted to making these wee tweety pies (actually they remind me more of cornish pasties, just me?).

I only wanted to share but as I have been stuffing these little birds with fiber filling mixed with lavender (stifled yawn) I do feel sleepy, so please excuse me as I think the Land of Nod is calling…ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4 comments on “New name day

  1. Congratulations on your new name.

  2. Your tweety pie reminds me more of a Forfar bridie than a Cornish pasty. I last had one in Forfar itself, and if I remember correctly they have neater crimping and perhaps more delicate pastry than their Cornish counterparts. A proper bridie should have only meat in it, no carrots or other veg. Perhaps your creation is a Forfar BIRDIE.

    • Moke says:

      I love it! I made 6 and gave them all to friends and family so I will let them know that they are the proud owners of a Forfar Birdie. Thank you, Moke.

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