Busy Week

One of the best things about having a stay-cation is that I had chance to crochet to my heart’s content and make supper for some of my friends. As you know I have been busy making birdie decorations, DSCN0705

and having made six of the little fellows they have now all found homes. One  with my daughter who moved into her first home with her boyfriend on Friday (they only knew on Tuesday aaaarrrrrghhhhhh), one to a very poorly friend LF in hospital and the last four went to a small group of library ladies as a thank-you for making my years at the library so much fun. But more of that later.

Before I leave the birdies behind I had a lovely comment on my last entry from fellow blogger Jaspar Wallace. He thought that these little not-so-feathered friends reminded him “more of a Forfar bridie than a Cornish pasty”. He made the excellent suggestion that they be called a “Forfar BIRDIE”. I love it and will certainly adopt the name for my little creations and I hope that is OK with Lucy at Attic24 from who I got the pattern.

Having some of the wonderful Debbie Bliss wool left over from the Forfar Birdies I had to start on a new project…didn’t I? So (fanfare please) welcome to the beginnings of a slip-thru scarf,

I’ve made a couple of these scarves before and given them as gifts but this one is definitely mine ‘cos I remembered why I don’t make them very often…the sewing in!!!!!! This time I’ve been very methodical and worked row by row. I make up all the little granny squares one colour row at a time and then sew in the ends. That way I have crochet to look forward to without being outfaced with all the ends to do when I finish. For the finished article watch this space.

But if all that crochet wasn’t enough fun this Friday saw me entertaining at home. The candles were lit, flowers on display and the food laid out.

Most of my guests had made up a little (friendly) posse to walk over so arrived in a lovely bubbly clutch on my doorstep. Thank goodness I went with a buffet as in the midst of the preparation my daughter was shifting furniture! it also meant that I could join in the conversation and (hopefully) a good night was had by all. It was great. Naughty people! everyone brought delicious chocolates, wine and other lovely gifts,

AW made a wonderful Harvest Plait for pudding…infact it was so scrumptious I didn’t even pause to take a photo before it got eaten up!

Evenings like Friday are precious hope its not too long until we get chance to do it again.

Night night all.

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