‘Tis the Season to…

say Merry Christmas everyone!

Oxenholme Station put on it’s Glad Rags to cheer travellers on their way.

‘Tis the Season to…

spend cosy time in with our doggie friends, especially those that had their 13th birthday on Christmas Eve!

‘Tis the Season to…

be with family and enjoy a wonderful Christmas lunch this year beautifully made by No.1 daughter and gratefully eaten by moi and No.1 son. It was delicious.

‘Tis the Season to …

make a small gift for a special little girl,

create a couple more Forfar Birdies for two friends with birthdays, and

felt a small green (ermmm in the early morning light I confess I thought it was grey…) ‘thank you’ penguin.

But most importantly of all, ’tis the season to tell my family and friends that I love them dearly and wish them the best of all New Years.

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