Buddies, wool and otherwise…

What a wonderful few days I’ve had. After the fun, family and food of Christmas the holiday continues for me with a few days of indulgent crafty-ness. No1 daughter gave me this brilliant needle-felting book, DownloadedFile

and I’ve had a splendid time making a couple of the characters from it.

Small gifts that were given as thank-yous to FT, KC and AW when we met at FT’s yesterday for a lovely catch-up over a scrumptious tapas tea.

With a slice of FT’s delicious Christmas Cake and helping of AW’s indulgent trifle to finish.

Still as everyone knows, nothing has calories in it over Christmas! Does it?!

2 comments on “Buddies, wool and otherwise…

  1. Curls & Q says:

    Q – Adorable Wool Buddies! What a wonderful #1 daughter!

    • Moke says:

      Doesn’t she know her old mum well! The book is a real treat and such a thoughtful gift. I’ve had a visit from a friend today and we spent a happy time thinking of other characters that we could create in the Wool Buddies style.

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