T-whit t-whoo – hoo

Excellent few days. Busy at work. Pulling up what must be called a whiffy old carpet at home. Ouch my aching shoulders…oh sorry that’s not part of the excellent….and a bit of hooky time.

It all started with an owl. Hence T-whit t-whoo-hoo…apologies, stating the obvious…. Thanks to Lorene for her wonderful pattern for this little fellow DSCN1101

Apart from converting to UK stitches I made a couple of alterations: I used a smaller hook 4mm instead of 5.5; and began with 4 chains joined by a slip stitch rather than a magic circle. Don’t really know why, it just felt more secure.

He was quick and fun to crochet and filled with lavender he has a soothing scent.

Yesterday was a beautiful crisp winter’s day and was made even better by a quick visit into our local craft emporium Reticulefront of shop

Inspired by a mouth watering selection of crafty goodies I brought home some pretty beads and started work on an idea for a crochet bangle which would incorporate them.

I began by stringing the beads I bought onto purple hemp yarn, tied a long craft pipe cleaner into a circle (making sure it would fit over my ‘daughter of a blacksmith’s hand’) and  then covered it by crocheting around the resulting pipe-cleaner circlet.

Once that was done I used an old favourite from Lucy at Attic 24 her simple Teeny Tiny Flower pattern.  Small, quick to crochet but very effective especially with either a button or bead sitting at its center. I made 8 Teeny Tiny Flowers with the silver beads and then evenly spaced them around the bangle. I think (and I hope you do too) that my efforts yielded a pretty little bracelet…

Now before my restful Sunday evaporates I’m off to read a book. George R.R. Martin’s  “A Feast for Crows” is certainly not a gentle (genteel?) read! DownloadedFile

But it is a great page-turner.

All the best. I’ll write again soon.

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