The weekend shawl

Hello me dears

Its been  a mild winter* (so far – don’t want to tempt fate!) but I am still feeling  a bit chilly. Trouble is that when I walk to the station of an early morning if I wear too many layers of jumpers and cardigans I soon overheat – think its my age – scarves are pretty good at keeping my neck and ears warm so I thought an extension of this would be perfect hence the weekend shawl!

I started by  combining two strands of random stash yarns and putting a slip knot on a 8mm hook, DSCN1113

and then created a triangle: DSCN1112

Here’s how:

1st row: Chain(ch) x4, treble crochet (tr) twice in 4th chain from hook. Chain x2, treble crochet 3 in same (4th) chain. Chain x2 and turn.

2nd row: Work 3 trs  in first stitch. Ch 1, 3 trs in the 2nd ch space in the previous row. Ch x2, work 3 trs in same 2 ch space. Chn 1, work 3 trs in last stitch of row. Ch x2, turn.

3rd row: Work 3 trs in first stitch. Ch 1. Work 3 trs in ch 1 space of previous row, ch 1. Work 3 trs in 2 ch space of previous row, ch x2, work 3 more trs in same 2 ch space, ch 1. Work 3 trs in next 1 ch space of previous row. Ch 1. Work 3 trs in last stitch of row. Ch x2 and turn.

I then continued with Granny style clusters along two sides: working 3 trs in last stitch of the row followed by x2 chains and turning to start with 3 trs in first stitch of new row. I made x1 ch between each cluster of 3 trs as I worked along the sides and made x2 chs at the appex of the triangle between two clusters of 3trs in the 2 ch space of the previous row,


amazing how quickly it grows. DSCN1114

Hopefully it’ll keep me warm and snuggly until Spring has sprung.

If I get it finished before I post today’s blog I will pop a photo at the end.

In a very hectic week one thought kept me going: Saturday tea at AW’s! and then I went and forgot the camera. I had looked forward to taking pickies of AWs mouth-watering cooking but I made the mistake of lying down to read and nodded off (surprise, surprise) waking with only 8 minutes to get changed, sort doggies and get to AW’s. Consequently I rushed out of house leaving my trusty Nikon Coolpix in the scruffy room I grandly call my study.  Typical. But I have an appetizing mental picture of the delicious food she made and will endeavor to describe the wonderful meal I shared with KC and FT at AW’s last night.

We started with a cheese terrine. A couple of Christmases ago AW made me this scrumptious terrine, it was a real winner. AW’s version of a Delia recipe creates a light terrine made with a variety of  luscious cheeses – including cottage cheese and stilton. A perfect dish for hungry guests especially when accompanied by AW’s homemade coleslaw – crunchy shreds of cabbage and carrot lightly dressed in a rich mayonnaise – and her tasty Waldorf salad together with crusty breads, a green leaf salad and boiled potatoes. Mmmmm, if I shut my eyes I can almost savour it all again.

Of course we all knew to keep a little room for AW’s puddings and we were right to ‘cos there were two to choose from! Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding and a Banana tart. Truthfully there wasn’t much choosing involved  as we all opted for a portion of both! ….drizzled with cream naturally.

With the added extra of orange marmalade AW’s dessert was a delightful twist on the traditional bread and butter pudding. It’s crunchy top and contrasting soft fluffiness inside made it srumdidilly.

Full though we were nothing was stopping us cutting into the Banana tart. Homemade pie crust filled with custard and topped with bananas…how could be say no?! YUMMMM……MMMEEEEEEEE.

Thank you AW for the exquisite meal and AW, KC and FT for your wonderful friendship and company.

As for the shawl, almost there… DSCN1117

Cheerio for now.

*While it has been mild we must spare a thought for all those who have been suffering awful flooding because of the heavy rainfall.

5 comments on “The weekend shawl

  1. hotelgoddess says:

    I love the colour combo! Very lovely work~

    • Moke says:

      Thank you! I’ve just emailed my friend about the sugar-starching. I am sure it will make her smile to remember her mum’s patterns and more importantly her mum. Thanks for that too. Moke.

  2. Granny Squares of Love says:

    Love the shawl and the fact that it didn’t take long to create it~

    • Moke says:

      Thank you – it has kept me all toasty warm over the last week. I’ve just been reading your blog, how inspiring! I will definitely be making some squares to send you from rainy Cumbria. All the best, Moke.

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