To market, to market…

… of course as a vegetarian I didn’t buy a fat pig…although if you were so inclined Kendal’s market area and the New Shambles – traditionally home to butcher shops and tanners – is the perfect place to do so…

Instead I had the joy of Wednesday market day and coming home with fruit and veg to fill my veggie bowlDSCN1167 …quickly snapped ‘cos the weather has turned a bit chilly so crock pot’s on the hob and a quick leek and potato soup is soon underway…sacrilege probably but I start with an onion, add the chopped leeks….mixed herbs….carrots…scrubbed and chopped potatoes….vegetable stock…and simmer until mushy enough. Accompanied by a generous wedge of delicious artisan bread from Staff of Life bakery which I picked up at Booths (our wonderful Northern sooooper-market) surely this is a perfect winter supper?

Its a week-off for me and I’ve a garage to de-clutter. Thanks to Freecycle it proved a better job than I thought. This meant that I had time to meet up with everyone and I kicked off the week with a lovely soup and sandwich lunch at Yard 46 with JG, AJ and KC. Great folk and a definite boost to the energy levels needed to tackle that garage (otherwise known as the ‘general dumping ground’).

Thursday and a rare chance to see my old Kendal Museum friend JH and find out how her daughter LH is doing with her new gents’ mobile hair dressing business. LH is an excellent barber/hairdresser and has got off to a cracking start with her new venture it’s very exciting.

Meeting up with my cousin, his wife and their granddaughter on Friday at Waterside there was also the surprise treat of seeing their younger son and for the first time his lovely girlfriend J’a. What a super family gathering.

Saturday saw me and AH finishing the first exercise in Book V of our Latin course and now we are looking forward to (fanfare please) deponent verbs! Yea-urghhh…. Its at moments like these that I realize I don’t understand English and wonder what chance Latin? Curses upon my liberal 70’s education when grammar was out of vogue in state schools.

Thank goodness for crafts – and this week crochet rag rugging … I have made a seat cushion before with selvedge ‘yarn’ supplied by Ingrid Wagner,

but have long wanted to use up old duvet covers etc by creating my own strips. I started small, cutting up some of the children’s old pillowcases

….then chose a large hook. A 9mm did the trick, DSCN1213

and created a small but serviceable seat mat..or half a cushion…or the start of a rug….or a place mat….your turn…. DSCN1218

Doggy bootees have never been my thing BUT one of my little old spaniels has trouble managing all the wooden floors and is very wobbly on his front paws. People have suggested wheels but I’ve had a look at those and they seem to be best suited to dogs with back leg problems also they wouldn’t be very safe when I’m not here. However in my research into wheels for dogs (there are some great sites for these!) I did see something which might help..grip soled boots! An idea was born. I set about making something more homespun. I found a pattern for doggy bootees at Posh Pooch Designs…. quickly made them up DSCN1220

and dug out the natural latex that I bought at Woolfest for making non-slip slippers (sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?!). DSCN1221

I liberally coated the bases of the bootees and set them to dry. DSCN1222

Now let’s see if they work….when Thomas wakes up that is…DSCN1224

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