Baa-Baa-raa and a Liebster nomination

What a lovely week of stay-cation craftiness. I kicked it off by picking up a pile of craft and crochet magazines. I called it research but really I was spoiling myself and oh how I enjoyed it. Then when I heard I was able to have a table at Oxenholme Station’s pop-up shop event on 29 March I was glad I’d laid in a store of inspiration. It’s sometime since Moke’s Makes have been on sale and stock is at an all time low…eeeekkkkkk….but first of all a bit of fun.DSCN1353

Thanks to the latest edition of ‘Knitting & Crochet’ and the wonderful yarns, crochet hook and needles that came with it I was moved to have a go at …. knitting! It’s been a while but like riding a bike it soon comes back and now I have a new mascot, BaaBaaRaa:

Picking up the knitting needles again was very pleasing, especially learning a new stitch. I haven’t made loops before and although they were tricky – how many thumbs do I have?! – I hope you’ll agree that they lend a certain curly cute factor to BBR. But back to my comfort zone: out with the 2mm crochet hook and a new pattern.

Remember the brilliant colourful collection of threads that JG gave me from her mother’s crafting collection?

Together with the help of the wonderful Kara of Petals to Picots  they have now been put to good use. But what colour to choose?

All of them of course. One large paper clip later and I have a perfect little keepsake for my friend JC-K who I’m meeting in Windermere for a cuppa.DSCN1360

With my head in gear for stock making and by delving into another title in my stash of crafty mags, DSCN1355Oink the cup cosy was born.

Oink was something of a labour of love so I might simplify things to make a store of take-away cup cosies that I will add to my range of hooky goodies at Oxenholme. Watch this space, I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, hold the front page…

Thanks to youngatfifty  I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I’ve never been nominated for anything before and I am chuffed. Thank you youngatfifty. I feel really honored as  I so enjoy your cheerful and inspirational blog. 

liebster award

Here are the rules :

1.Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

2.Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers. Inform them of their nomination in their blogs.

These are the  11 blogs I wish to nominate (apologies if any of you have already been nominated) :

1.Knitting With Heart

2.Blu Chicken Ninja

3.Curls and Q

4.Molly Bean

5.I’m Sewing Heaven

6.Slipped Stitches’ Weblog

7.Notes From Camelid Country

8.Crochet Thread

9.Veggies, Yarns and Tails

10.Stella Tarakson

11.Completely Cauchy 

My answers to ‘Young at Fifty’s‘ 11 questions are :

1. Why do you blog ? I started my blog as a way of remembering my last month with the Young People’s Library Service.  I enjoyed sharing the wool-iness and book-ishness and ‘meeting’ with other bloggers so much I carried on.

2. If there is one daily chore you hate, what is it ? I can’t call this a daily chore as I hate ironing so much  I do it as little as possible …. ironing … aaaaarghhhhhhh …

3. How easy is it for you to get out of bed in the morning ? Sickeningly for some I am a morning person and like to seize the day. However at the mo’ my job means I’m up just after 5am a bit early even for a lark like me.

4. Do you judge a blog by number of followers, likes or content ? I don’t check numbers of followers and only notice likes when I like a blog or post too. It’s always content for me.

5. Do you read the About page of a blogger ? If so when ? I usually start with reading the latest blog and then go to the ‘About’ page. I enjoy finding out a bit more about the blogger and love to learn where they are from as it is such an international community. 

6. What do you think of copyright issues ? How serious is it for you if you found somebody copied your idea ? I always try and credit the blog, website, book or magazine that patterns, inspiration and ideas come from and adhere to the creator’s requests regarding copyright. Not only do I think this is courteous to the source but also helpful to the reader. Having said that I believe that blogging is about sharing and would not get too upset if someone copied my own ideas.

7. When do you write blog posts ? When you have an idea or as a schedule ? daily/weekly? As the week goes along I try and note down ideas and take photos ready for the weekend when I have time to write my blog. I try to post at least once a week. 

8. What are your other hobbies ? I think I cover most of them in the blog. My tastes are eclectic and range from reading, writing, continuing to study ancient history and learning latin to the wonderful world of wool crafts and community arts.

9. Do you read all your posts on your reader everyday ? ‘fraid not. I usually skim through a couple of times a week and pick up on the posts that really grab my fancy.

10. How do you discover new bloggers ? Through ‘You May Like’ in the Reader, ‘Freshly Pressed’ and via the internet (web searches).

11. How do you search for new content of your interest ? Apart from through fellow bloggers and the internet I am a great fan of the good old library and specialist magazines. I also like talking to people. While Wool n Stuff  was running I treasured our monthly get togethers when my wooly friends shared their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Here are my 11 questions for those of you who choose to carry on the torch:

1.What are your top three books?

2.What (if any) specialist magazines do you read?

3.Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

4.Who do you write your blog for?

5. Why do you write a blog?

6.If money were no object what would you do?

7.What is your favourite and least favourite colour?

8.How many blogs do you follow?

9.Do you track any tags?

10. Name your favourite blog and why you like it so much.

11. If you could write for any magazine or newspaper which would it be and why.

Thank you.

10 comments on “Baa-Baa-raa and a Liebster nomination

  1. Geraldine says:

    thanks so much for including me on your list, I’m honored. 🙂

    I love the crochet motifs in this post, so pretty. The critters are fun too. Nice work!

    Happy Week to you, G

    PS: Love your avatar image too, so cute!

  2. Stella says:

    Thanks so much for nominating me! I love your blog too. I’m into knitting, but nowhere near as skilled as you! I’ve already been nominated: and probably should leave the honour to others now. Thanks again 🙂

    • Moke says:

      Thanks Stella – you deserve the nomination so I am not surprised you have already been nominated. I found your blog when I was doing a web search on writing for magazines, it was really helpful and I’ll keep checking in for more of your useful writing tips. All the best Moke

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Moke 🙂 Entertaining post, as always! I’ve already received the Liebster award, but have since noticed that there are a few different logos for this award… So, hmmm… I think they might make a nice collection 😉 ❤

  4. Moke says:

    Thanks for your lovely blog and the as always supportive comments. Not at all surprised that you already have a Liebster. Just take it as a BIG thank you from me to you (don’t worry about all the questions etc). All the best Moke

  5. Kara says:

    What beautiful flowers!!

    • Moke says:

      Kara – it was thanks to your wonderful pattern. My friend JG was thrilled, she said her mother would have loved the way I’d used her threads and JC-K loves her little flower book mark. Thank you for your inspirational pattern you’ve made a lot of people very happy. Thanks and best wishes, Moke.

  6. roma1912 says:

    Congratulations on your award truly deserved 🙂 I love your page markers what a brilliant idea, I had to smile on account of how seriously you take your research buying all those magazines then having to read them all, such hard work lol

    • Moke says:

      I almost had to lie down in a darkened room! Except I needed the light to keep flicking through the pages. Don’t worry somehow I’ll pull through… I have to thank Kara at Petals to Picots for the page markers. They were very satisfying to make. Cheers Moke

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