Three Cakes Saturday and Mummys’ Sunday


Pop-up day arrived. 7.15am saw sometime Commando Gardener sometime Library Lady sometime craftswoman KC and me wend our way up to Oxenholme Station…..trusty wheelie cases in tow.

Having set out our wares – Library information for KC

my Moke’s Makes10152738_10152282518235816_2080991688_n

and (as if KC hadn’t been busy enough) Kinga’s Bags

– it was time to admire our pop-up neighbour and tuck into our first cake…yummmmm….

KC had brought the most incredible apple crumble cake. Full of fruit, HUGE and delicious. Tea and coffee accompaniment naturally.

As the trains whizzed past and the morning wore on we had a cheerfully chattery library ladies get together as we were joined by CMc and JG and happily munched our way through cake number two, gooey, chewy, hearty artisan baked flapjacks (I had lemon and ginger…amazing), brought by JG.

It was nice to see our wares laid out DSCN1404 and lovely to see everyone but soon it was time for home. Our friend (also a Library Lady) AW arrived to run us back. With her came cake nos. 3! a slice of her melt in the mouth chocolate cake which I wholeheartedly enjoyed back home with a large mug of freshly brewed tea. Aaaaaaahhh.

Thank you to Virgin Trains for arranging these community events and the Oxenholme Community Champion, Alison, who gets it all up and running at my favourite little station.

Mummy’s (Sun)Day and what a splendid sunny Spring day it was. A long chat with No1 son set the day off to a great start and then along came No 1 daughter with all the makings for a High Tea (including the china…I’m strictly a tea mugs household),

wonderful gifts,

and most poignantly a memory board of our small but beautiful family.

There were pictures of a youthful me and my parents – Omi and Opi – when they were young,

and happy times with Omi and my fantastic aunty May(ble),

No1 daughter is our family archivist and it was special to remember times with Omi and her sister May two lovely mums themselves who were there to support us when times were difficult and help give my children a childhood that I know they both treasure.


P.S. Marilyn Monroe was not part of our family! She is just the normal resident of No1 daughter’s cork board.

4 comments on “Three Cakes Saturday and Mummys’ Sunday

  1. roma1912 says:

    Just thought Id let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award ❤

  2. Moke says:

    That is very kind and its wonderful to have such a lovely vote of confidence. Thank you, Moke.

  3. Glad you had such a lovely, scrumptious weekend 🙂 ❤

  4. Moke says:

    Thank you – it was one of those rare special days. I hope you have plenty of your own. Moke

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