What’s the buzZZzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Being a bit of a busy bee myself these days No1 daughter had picked the perfect buzzy Mother’s Day gift last weekend, what a honey (OK I’ll stop now): a quick yarn project…

that came with lovely teeny equipment and materials,

that quickly delivered – with a little help from me – a cute stripy result


While I was at it the logo on the Pony needles reminded me of another little project that I promised to undertake

KC your needle felted giraffe brooch is almost ready (just needs a brooch pin sewing on).

Now as I toddle into a new week I’m looking forward to a couple of crochet basketry projects…I haven’t forgotten I will show you how I make them….honest…..and next weekend I will reveal the secret of the Orange Box DSCN1462


If you like vintage it’ll be right up your street.

Have a good one, Moke.

PS I have finished all the available books in the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch (sniffle)

They could have been written just for me: policemen, latin, London and even blacksmiths (it’s a long story, a lifetime and more). Now I must console myself with other writers to satisfy my need for a (good) book on the platform. The search didn’t take long.

LeMaitre came up trumps… naturellement, n’est–ce pas? images

Thankfully translated into English (obviously I couldn’t read it any other way). Like Alex it’s fellow LeMaitre novel Irene is not one for the faint hearted. Nonetheless it is a superb crime chiller with a well drawn team of detectives led by the diminutive Camille Verhoeven. Something to ermmm look forward to tomorrow morning on Platform 2. Choo choo, Moke

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