The secrets of the Orange Box…Part One

I apologize for the brevity of today’s entry but my camera gave up the ghost and it is no more (sob).

It seems the Orange Box did not want to give up its secrets easily. But what a tantalizing glimpse. I’m pleased I can share this snippet with you.

The Orange Box was given to me by JG it was part of her mother’s craft store and JG thought I’d particularly like it because it contains an archive of crochet patterns. DSCN1470

Let’s have a decko, DSCN1471

Can you imagine how excited I was to look through decades of selected crochet patterns? I thought I’d start with the oldest and work my way to more recent years.

Many of earliest patterns are from the 1940s and they feature wonderfully delicate motifs – enjoy the brief window my failing camera afforded…

… it seems we will have to wait for further installments.

There is just one little thing that I managed to snap early enough to beat my Coolpix’ sudden demise. B asked if I could make her a little basket in red cotton. Unfortunately I couldn’t find cotton yarn chunky enough for what I wanted that is to crochet over thickish string to form a stable basket. I had a little experiment with acrylic yarn with only the teeniest hint of wool. Here’s the result,

what do you think? I’m not sure. It’s perhaps a bit woolly (can’t believe I’m writing that) oh dear think I will have to play a bit more. What a shame….

Toodle-oo for now. Hopefully I will be back soon with camera restored.

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