What no blog?!

Hello me dears – Sorry but normal blogging is suspended until I can replace my camera. It seems its ailment was terminal so will need replacing (why is that repairs cost more than the camera?) and for that I will need to wait for pay day. Back in a couple of weeks.


5 comments on “What no blog?!

  1. Uh oh… and yes, isn’t it interesting how replacement costs are so much less than repair?!? ❤ ❤

    • Moke says:

      Thanks for the comment and perhaps its not all bad. Out of the wreckage of my old camera rising Phoenix-like is my new (more super-duper) Polaroid. Although photography has never been one of my things the blog has made me conscious of picture opportunities so I thought I’d try and upgrade a wee bit and see if I can improve my picture quality. Perhaps it will help me mask my lack of photographic talent….mmmmmmm.

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