I’m back!

Phew pay day came and work was such a rush that I couldn’t get out to purchase a new camera. Disgruntled face. But today is Saturday. Hint of a grin. I scuttled to AH’s for Latin and didn’t we do well. Total agreement over the answers means we must have been 100% right….mustn’t we?! Broad grin face.

Beaming smile as I drop off JG’s specsaver mat (sorry no photo, you know why). Scuttle down Stoney Lane, remember it? Stoney Lane

Whizz into library to drop off recent read and say a quick hello to my friends before – now fit to burst – rushing over the road to the shopping centre to pick up my new camera!!!!!!! Yessssssssssssssss I’M BACK!

A few purchases on the market and straight to Waterside Cafe to unpack my new digital optimal zoom whatsa-macall it. Excited (if a little alarmed) ‘Quick Start Guide’ scanned, batteries in and hey presto the first picture Buckwheat Burgers

buckwheat burgers! part eaten….

After this less than auspicious start I decided on a mini-project. Here then is my walk home: along the River Kent passing a herd (apparently) of swans, Swans on River Kent


Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Abbot Hall

the Parish Church,Parish Church, Kendal

and taking a look at a reminder of an erstwhile Kendalian resident. Gravestone, Kendal

A little bit of river left on my walk and I saw my friend the lone swan,

posing beautifully don’t you think? (“Which is my best side?”). I also tried to capture (digitally of course) two ducklings. They proved too quick…

At the end of the river a sign to remind us that Kendal is worth mooching around. Explore Kendal sign at Kirkland

Not far now. Past Kendal College, Kendal College

up the lane, pausing to admire the bluebells,

almost home,

Home sweet home. Loving this plant in the front garden but what is it? Home

The troughs are looking jolly this year, Home - troughs

and I have my own (small) stash of bluebells on the doorstep to welcome me. Pot of bluebells

For those of you who are not photographically challenged (like me) and want to know what camera I am now using ‘ere ’tis:

Now I’ve had a little practice I will return to the Orange Box of secrets so look out for another post in a day or so.

Glad to be back amongst you. Have good one.

Moke xx


2 comments on “I’m back!

  1. Love the bluebells ❤ and enjoyed your digitally documented trip home! 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Moke says:

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the walk. I’m still getting to grips with my camera and hope the pix will eventually improve. Moke xx

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