Orange Box – 1940s

After the delay caused by my slight technical hitch (i.e. no camera) I couldn’t wait to delve into the Orange Box again. It covers so many years that as I promised before I thought I would give you a quick run through the decades. Today the 1940s.

Let’s kick off with hairstyles …I mean crochet to be amazed by, Crochet Book 1940s

Beware this look requires good upholstery!

but the patterns are lovely, very finely detailed crochet for a time when ladies wore day gloves

Plain gloves - 1940s

and had lace gloves for special occasions. Lace Gloves -1940s

On the back page a word from our sponsor

Lux Ad - 1940s

The fact that it helped ‘Stockings Ladder less’ was important when we made things last. Something we are doing more of today. All this for the princely sum of one shilling and sixpence.

JG gave me this basket pattern when I was looking for a method for stiffening crochet. The answer my friends is hot sugar water. I do think they are delightful and I am tempted to give them a go perhaps jazzed up a bit colourwise.

Crochet Vases - 1940s


Doilies, lacy tablecloths, antimacassars and tray mats were very much in vogue. In fact I can remember my own mum making them. Slipping doilies under anything that stood still and making sure my father popped his head back on the chair rests not on the couch. To be fair it was the days of heavy Brylcream use.

I have only just discovered this pattern for necklets Necklets - 1940s

they are beautiful and I really want to have a go at the flowery one but don’t know if I have the skill…well nothing ventured nothing gained.

With one last glimpse I stumbled upon a wonderful surprise Tablecloth -1940s

this marvelous motif … with a beautifully crocheted sample made by JG’s mum. What a treat.

Back to earth with a chunky bump. New case for new camera

new camera…new case…. New and old together

old and new together. A somewhat different style to the elegant motifs of  a seemingly gentler age.

Thank you JG for letting me share your mum’s collection. Watch out the trendy 70s and 80s are just around the corner.



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