Hello All – I know it seems like only yesterday since my last blog….

It’s been a week of redemption. On Tuesday I was redeeming the Wool Clip voucher and today JeO a colleague and friend from my current workplace was happily spending her leaving present, a gift voucher from a special little shop in Kendal, ABC Lloyd’s in Stramongate,

Through this portal you enter a unique world of penmanship where there are fascinating displays of pens and inkwells old and new together with a glimpse into a bygone age of writing accessories: nibs for all purposes, anthropomorphic nib cleaners and so much more.

JeO always impressed me with her beautiful handwritten notes and cards so it was a real privilege to watch her select a new pen with the knowledgeable and helpful advice of Mr Lloyd. What a beauty she chose. Are you ready… DSCI0042

here it is, DSCI0043


It wrote beautifully and the nib (wish I’d got a picture of it!) allowed the ink to run thick or thin and the writer to be creative in their lettering. One little tip Mr Lloyd gave JeO was to write out a favourite poem with her new pen then  pop the verse away in a drawer and after 3 months have a look at it again and see how much her writing has changed as she becomes familiar with her fountain pen. A lovely idea.

But the goodi-ness did not stop there as JeO also invested in a new ink colour, DSCI0049

a rich Violet which you get a little peek of on the lid of the box, and a purpose made pen holder from Trieste DSCI0046

Fabulous. What a pleasure to watch this process unfold and I am sure JeO will enjoy using her exceptionally crafted pen for many years to come.

Our morning finished with lunch shared with work mates who brought JeO the most delicate lace shawl and stylish brooch


and gave us a look at a pair of amazing earrings from local shop, Room 19DSCI0053

It was a lovely morning and lunch together and as we went our separate ways I toddled home eager to dig out my own fountain pen…

Oh dear….bless!

Never know we might get lucky and make the hat-trick tomorrow.

Toodle-ooo. Moke



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