Participles are always better with biscuits

Hello All

Work done. Weekend ahead. Whooppeeeeee. What a lot of wubble-yous/ewes/yews……add your own!

First stop: deliver  Thursday’s ‘The Scotsman’ to my friend AW. DSCI0204

Its just a little token for the lifts from the station she gives me every Wednesday and Friday. Thank you AW.

Then it is Latin time! As I have already mentioned almost every fortnight for more years than we like to mention my friend AH and I get together to trample over the latin language. DSCI0205

This Saturday’s ‘homework’ was the dreaded ‘Practising the language’. It lies in wait at the end of every chapter and means GRAMMAR!!!! I know I’ve been here before but grammar? really? Yikes….  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve tortured ourselves with verbs in the future tense and relative pro-nouns. This week…..participles. DSCI0210Now if anyone can explain to me – in VERY simple language –  how you decide the ending of your latin participle and what it actually means in translation I would be most grateful.

Luckily there are always biscuits and good conversation to keep us going. DSCI0212

A recent discovery – yummy Polish iced ginger biscuits filled with apricot marmalade – helped us through the challenge of participles. Another piece of good news. A little birdie (my original latin tutor) tells me we are almost there and with Book V under our belts can go on to read lots of fun latin texts. I already have one waiting in the wings…DownloadedFilemeos pretiosus….

Until next we meet. Moke

P.S. We are all still cracking along with the Minimalism Game. Well done all. Mxx


2 comments on “Participles are always better with biscuits

  1. lol … I love that you’re having fun learning latin and playing the minimalism game! 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Moke says:

      It’s lovely to read your positive comments. Thank you. AH and I have a good laugh learning latin, we’re slow but determined. I loved the opportunity to clear some ‘stuff’. Cheers Moke x

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