Woolly wondrous Woolfest

Hello All

I can’t believe its 10 years since the first Woolfest. I remember the heady excitement of the first one like it was only yesterday…showing my age? Moving swiftly on…. DSCI0227

down the path DSCI0228

to the bus stop.DSCI0229

Quick check that I’ve got the right time for the 555 DSCI0230

and off I go. DSCI0249

Woolfest 2014 yahoo. As we spotted the crochet jacketed sheep at the entrance to the auction mart there was a buzz of anticipation on the bus. Scampering across the busy road (bit scary) old and young enthusiastic to see what this year’s event had on offer. DSCI0249

After years of experience getting in is a smooth operation and as we did so there were reminders that this was the 10th anniversary DSCI0248

Once inside the aisles already thronged with visitors DSCI0241

I spotted some of my favourite stands and smiled when I saw


remembering getting lost on my recent day out to Farfield. The Why Not Alpacas? people were lovely and told me the sign was made for them from alpaca wool by a lady who gave them some alpacas for their herd. Needless to say they had tables covered in yarns and goods made from their beautifully soft alpaca.

In addition to the trade stands there is always livestock. A small contingent of The Why Not Alpacas? were there, there were rare breed sheep,

and of course Cumbria’s native Herdwicks put in an appearanceDSCI0234

I even spotted a few woolly creatures perched on my favourite needle felting stall.DSCI0238

One stand I always go to is that of Owen Jones who crafts the most gorgeous oak swills. DSCI0245

I am lucky enough to have two of Owen’s swills: one holds my yarn stash the other percussion. Hand crafted things of beauty and practical use always float my boat. Let’s have another look DSCI0246

Time for lunch DSCI0242

watching all the comings and goings DSCI0243

with our stunning Cumbrian landscape only a head turn to my left DSCI0244


I had one quest to fulfill when I went back into the auction mart. A couple of years ago I made some bunting to help adorn the hall one of which was needle felted. I wondered if I could still spot my bunting. Sure enough in the Wool Clip aisle there he was DSCI0237

wearing quite well and looking very jolly along with all the bunting made by fellow Woolfesters. DSCI0240


Time for home. What no shopping? I hear you cry. I was a very good girl and kept very strictly to my shopping list. But it was still a thrill to get home and have a look at what I had bought:DSCI0256

t-shirt yarn to finish off my rug (B you can have a rest from all that cutting up t-arn); DSCI0253

large crochet hooks for making rugs, bags, baskets and other chunky crochet wares; and finally a little bit of luxury DSCI0257

sumptuous coloured fleece from my favourite Austrian needle-felters to use for brooches and hair grips. They offer colours so good that they make your mouth water.

It was a lovely day and well worth going for the inspiration alone. Infact….still under the influence of Woolfest I had a quick dip into the wonderful Fox’s Lane blog and was moved to get out the knitting needles and make up a cosy pair of slippers. DSCI0264

The pattern for these non-felted slippers is by Yuko Nakamura and is free on Ravelry. As I didn’t have any chunky tweed yarn I used strands from 4 yarns (KC – its that fabulous wool from your grandmother, thank-you) for the soles and three strands (also the  Polish wool, thanks again KC) for the instep. I love them. Very snug and toe warming.

Someone is already asleep


so must be time for bed.

Until next we meet. Moke.

2 comments on “Woolly wondrous Woolfest

  1. MollyBean says:

    Looks like a great day out! I wish we had something like this near me.

    • Moke says:

      It is a great day out. What a shame that there is nothing like it near you. Sounds like a gap in the ‘market’. Woolfest is organised by Wool Clip a cooperative of spinners, weavers, sheep farmers and other crafty people. There is also Yarndale over in Skipton in the autumn which started last year. Hope something gets going down your way. All the best, Moke.

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