Under foot

Hello All

Of late I have found myself captivated with the rocks beneath our feet. Prompted by my latest book on the train


I’ve started taking more notice of what’s under foot.

By exploring his past through the quarries and mines of his childhood Ted Nield piqued my interest in our local geology and how it made Kendal the little Auld Grey Town that it is. While Kendal looks north toward the hills of the Lake District – ancient eroded volcanoes which erupted around 450 million (!) years ago – Kendal Fell sits on an area of limestone and you see it everywhere. As you walk out the door



down the lane


wrapped in moss




sparkly new


supporting buildings


creating pretty lanes


funneling chimney stacks




and spanning arches DSCI0304


To think that Kendal’s signature stone was formed millions of years ago in shallow seas when what is now England was south of the Equator … amazing!

Quick before I go. As I was typing today’s blog I had a little visitor. He popped in the back door to escape a heavy downpour.


Stayed for a while and when the clouds had gone hopped out into the foliage.



Until we meet again, ribitttttttttt. Moke


4 comments on “Under foot

  1. Very interesting how Kendal has so much limestone. And hmmm… I wonder whether frogs know that knitters often frog!?! 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Moke says:

      I know someone here with a polished up floor and you can see all the shells. I’m fascinated by all those different climactic layers: seas, deserts, volcanoes and glaciers. Perhaps the frog – who I’ve nicknamed Xerxes – knows something about what’s coming next…gulp or should that be glug….Cheers Moke xx

      • Ooooh yes, the polished floor showcasing all the detailed layers of time would be fascinating! And yup … lol … ‘guess one day that frog will finally croak 😉 ❤ ❤

      • Moke says:

        It is the most beautiful of floors. As for our froggie friend he says ‘ribbitt’. Moke xx

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