The not so moon gazing hare

Hello All

I am a very lucky woman. Yesterday my friend AJ gave me a fantastic needle felting book


it’s filled with small and delightful creatures and step by step guides on how to make them. AJ and me particularly liked Gretel Parker‘s moon-gazing hare


so out from the stash came a bag of silvery North Ronaldsay fleece


and away I went. Carefully following the photographs things were going well. The body was shaping up nicely

But then I went off piste…. and the result was less moon-gazing more Harriet ‘the having a good look around’ hare. See what you think


I’ve had words with her



and she said not to worry as there is more than one way to observe the heavens…


Hares are obviously very laid back… it must be the ears….



Till next we meet. Moke x

PS Thank you AJ it’s a fabulous book. Moke xxx


4 comments on “The not so moon gazing hare

  1. Awe… she’s still adorable 🙂 ❤ ❤

  2. Moke says:

    I gave her to AJ who gave me the book I think she loved her too. Thank you for your kind comment. Looks like you had a good holiday. Moke xx

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