Tiny toes and sore teeth

Hello All

Amongst the myriad chores that need doing time had to be made for some crafting this week. I know, life’s tough!

One of my colleagues has just had a baby giving me the opportunity to crochet a pair of bootees.


These little cosies for toesies are very satisfying to make. From the neat teeny soles DSCI0163

to the finished pair

there is enough variety in the stitches to be challenging yet they are hooked up in a trice. What’s more they are very very cute. The pattern comes from my favourite crochet book “Crochet Unravelled” by Claire Bojczuk.

Today my own baby girl has been suffering with a very painful wisdom tooth and in between finding a dentist and sorting out treatment has spent a great deal of the day on the phone to mum! Bless. All I could offer were soothing words coupled with encouraging advice and – when she had cheered up – the confession that while I had been listening to her tale of woe I had managed to knit up a hat!

And here it is DSCI0164

Knitted from a free pattern on the Rowan website


I used some of my Wool Clip stash for this Snug Hat pattern by Cathy Caron


I had hoped to use just one of the 50g balls but the hat needed a tad more so I used a little of this lovely purple yarn to finish off the rolled band. What pleased me most – and this was after No1 Daughter had visited the dentist – was using mattress stitch to sew together the seams almost invisibly. DSCI0168

Altogether the right simple knitting project to keep you calm while having a long distance comfort conversation with an ailing girl.


Unfortunately No1 Daughter still has a tender tooth but she is relieved to know she is doing all the right things, has registered with a dentist and made an appointment to have the troublesome tooth checked over. Hopefully in the meantime it will settle down.

Until next we meet. Moke x

PS She liked the hat. M x


6 comments on “Tiny toes and sore teeth

  1. Rosiejpm says:

    Love the hat 🙂

    • Moke says:

      Hi Rosie – Thanks for dropping by and liking the hat. Luckily my daughter thought it was brilliant I had managed to finish off a hat while being a shoulder to virtually cry on. That’s my girl. I would recommend following the link for the pattern as Rowan offer quite a few beautiful and free knitting and crochet patterns. Cheers Moke xx

  2. They are both very cute and the colours are gorgeous.
    I remember the days of long distance calls from ailing children when my children were living in the UK but they have both since moved back home to New Zealand. 🙂

    • Moke says:

      Hi and thanks for visiting. Gosh UK to New Zealand really is long distance! Both my children have just settled over the Pennines in Leeds. The wool comes from a Cumbrian collective up at Caldbeck and is spun and dyed locally, its actually rug wool but like you I loved the colour. It’ll be the hardest wearing hat I’ve ever had! Cheers Moke xx

  3. So efficient of you, to knit/crochet your way through the day like that! … luvin’ those cosies for toesies! 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Moke says:

      Hi and thanks. I love those bootees they’re such a good pattern and you soon get a result. Wish I’d thought about using speaker phone when my daughter rang! I got such a crick in my neck. Cheers Moke xx

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