Yarndale here we come ….. a promise kept.

Hello All

And yes… I made it … correction …Lorry and me made it to (drumroll please) YARNDALE whoo-hoo.

All good things start with a journey and Lorry knows the most civilized way to travel, Earl Grey and ginger biscuits, what else?


Then settle down on the train from Lancaster to Skipton with a good read.


In order to arrive refreshed in the lovely market town of Skipton.


Of course I couldn’t take the short yarnbombed route. Oh no it was the Sedbergh walk back from Farfield all over again i.e. round the houses. But these detours are always worth it. With little reminders of happy days past,


pretty lanes,


and small space living.


Mmmm now there’s an idea. Delightful though my perambulations were I was pleased when I saw…

and I joined the queue (mental note: next year remember to buy ticket online in advance). With happy ladies around to chat to the queue moved quickly and in no time I was stamped


Good grief I must moisturize!  and clutching in my hot sweaty crinkly hand a Yarndale programme.


With Lorry safely tucked in the back pack we were IN.

I had said to myself that I wouldn’t take photos of things that you could see better on the Yarndale blog or on Attic 24  but I couldn’t resist an iconic bunting shot


all that hard work to create a cheery welcome could not be ignored. Fabulous. Again this year’s mandala project meant I couldn’t resist a snap


or two


Aren’t they gorgeous? There was inspiration all around.


Another small living idea perhaps? But Lorry was getting restless.

This time last year good friend Linda Frickel was in hospital and on my last visit I promised her that we would be coming to Yarndale in 2014. Sadly Linda could not be with me nonetheless I felt I must visit Yarndale to hold to that promise. Having won the marvelous Lorry in the Frickel Pig raffle he was destined to come too. Lorry reminded me of the fun, colour and enthusiasm Linda embodied. All I needed was a photo that encapsulated all that Linda loved about woolly stuff…..I can’t believe what I did next (Linda I hope you are having a celestial chuckle!). There was only one place that I could take Lorry’s picture,


in the arms of the lovely Lucy of Attic 24 fame!

Lucy was as super in person as she is on her blog and I want to thank her very much for taking time to listen to Linda’s story and have her picture taken with Lorry. Linda absolutely loved Lucy’s blog at Attic 24 it appealed to her love of craft and more especially colour. She worked on the blog’s projects and introduced all at Wool’n’Stuff to it. I am now an addict. I hope this happy little moment for me and Lorry reaches Linda in the heavens …. and she also notices I got in the famously yarn bombed lamp stand in the background!

Yarndale was a wonderful event. Well done to all the organisers but special thanks to Lucy for making my day and helping me feel in some small way I had kept my promise to Linda.

Until next we meet, Moke x

12 comments on “Yarndale here we come ….. a promise kept.

  1. Terry Robinson says:

    Thank you….. reading about your Yarndale adventure lifted my heart, made me smile and brought a tear to my eye at the same time….if that makes any sense. Yes…..Linda would be smiling from ear to ear reading your words and looking at your pictures. You have shown me some thing else about my sister’s life I didn’t know.

    Thanks again, take care,


    • Moke says:

      Hi Terry – I am really pleased that our (me and Lorry’s) trip to Yarndale lifted your heart (I know exactly what you mean about smiling and crying at the same time). I was a bit star struck (at my age!!) when I met Lucy and probably gabbled away at her. But Linda’s instinct for good people had steered me right and she was lovely.
      Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you for writing. I am sitting here grinning away with a brilliant picture of a smiling Linda in my head.
      Love and thanks
      Marieca xx

  2. Your deeply meaningful day of fun put a smile on my face, and I’m sure Linda was/is smiling celestially, as well 🙂 ❤ ❤

  3. Moke says:

    Already can’t wait! Mxx

  4. sewchet says:

    We drove all the way up from Somerset and it was well worth it. Lucy was lovely and had time for everyone didn’t she?

  5. What a fabulous blog post – I love the pictures and the snippets of information that build up a whole glorious picture. Loving your crafts too.

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