There’s nothing better than afternoon tea.

Hello All

How are you all doing? or should I ask what are you all making? I am still enjoying a personal knitting revival.

I have always wanted one of those trendy cable knit cushions. Armed with a beautifully simple pattern, a couple of balls of scrumptious British 100% chunky wool from the newest wool shop in Kendal Izknit and my trusty long 10mm needles off I set and here is the result:


Just what I wanted. A bonny piece of knitting if I say so myself.

So what next? Here’s a clue …


Since I found out that you can needle felt onto styrofoam I have wanted to give it a go. It’s coming up to that time of year and my thoughts have turned to a wreath to cheer up the front door. Watch this space and see how I get along with my wreath-making-needle-felting-styrofoam adventure. Catchy title! Any ideas would be truly welcome.

Before I trot a quick thank you to the lovely Rothay Manor Hotel in Ambleside for letting us drop in for afternoon tea on Saturday even though there was a very a polite chalk board sign by the doorway saying they were fully booked. I was going to write that they squeezed us in but there was no squeezing involved as despite already catering for a large party the Rothay staff treated us to the usual wonderful service and delightful tea-time delicacies. Three happy ladies – No 1 daughter, my friend JCK and me – spent a very convivial and relaxed couple of hours cosseted in one of Rothay’s beautiful lounges. Cosily seated on their large comfy sofas and full of edible goodies it was quite a struggle to tear ourselves away. There really is nothing better than afternoon tea. (Psst I’m not paid to say this!)

Until next we meet. Moke x


10 comments on “There’s nothing better than afternoon tea.

  1. Yup, that’s one gorgeous cushion. Hope it’s got pride of place in your home. I’m intrigued by needle felting: will watch the wreath evolve with interest.

    • Moke says:

      Hi – Thank you. Praise indeed from such a wonderful knitter! The cushion has been popped in a prominent spot on my sofa…and the dog is allowed no where near. I think the wreath may turn into a labour of love as I am already suffering needle felter’s wrist. I’ll keep you posted. Mxx

  2. sewchet says:

    Fabulous cushion! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern – I’ve pinned it for future reference:)

    • Moke says:

      It had to be simple for me! It knits up very fast and I didn’t even use the super chunky wool that the pattern recommended I just knitted more rows. Moke x

  3. Great cushion… I’m currently making an armadillo… probably best not to ask why.

  4. Moke says:

    Cheers. Good luck with the….ermmmm….armadillo. I’ll be reading the blog to find out why! Moke xx

  5. Sounds intriguing! I’ve been wanting to try needle felting and can’t wait to read your next wreath-making-needle-felting-styrofoam adventure post! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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