Christmas Cottage

Hello All and a very Merry Christmas to you

The pressies are open so here are a few of the makes I couldn’t reveal before Yuletide:

This year No 1 Daughter had booked us all into a cottage near Cartmel for Christmas. It was lovely. Everything a cottage should be, with interesting nooks and crannies,


beams, DSCI0361

quirky little stairways,


and a welcoming kitchen.


It was comfortable and charming. Perfect for a relaxed family holiday.

No 1 Daughter and Son together with No1 Daughter’s boyfriend had settled in and sorted out the decorations and food before I arrived. What a treat to sit together for scrumptious meals. No 1 Daughter’s season chalet hosting a couple of years ago certainly paid off!

We had a wonderful time and with no WiFi nor mobile phone reception – YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! – mastered the hilarious art of charades and (almost) got to grips with the complexities of dominos.

Our dogs also had a superb holiday. Looking for their presents,

and enjoying the sort of mischief that only two small dogs can get up to. No 1 Daughter’s dog idolises my rather elderly Cavalier, James, so they were always together …. James adopting a Yoda like mentoring role … treats under the tree find you will ….

He is a wise old boy and after all that food…. James magnificently sums up how I feel.


We have been very lucky. Our thoughts go out to those for whom Christmas is not a happy time.

Love and best wishes for 2015, Moke xx

6 comments on “Christmas Cottage

  1. MollyBean says:

    Looks like a perfect Christmas! I love your makes, especially the robins xx

    • Moke says:

      Hi Molly – Your Christmas also looks special. Fun to have a little person about and I love the hat you made for your nephew.
      Those Guard Robins are fiesty fellows and satisfying to make. Mxxx

  2. sewchet says:

    Those socks are incredible! All your makes are brilliant though and I love that so many other people have Christmassy coats for their dogs too:)

    • Moke says:

      Thank you! I also made my daughter a pair of socks in snazzy purples, pinks and lime greens but she snuck off with them before I got a photo. Love sock wool that does all the hard stripe-y work for you. My old doggie was 14 on Christmas Eve so he was allowed to opt out of the Christmas jumper madness. Hope you had a wonderful time. Best wishes for 2015. Mxx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful family Christmas getaway! And you made a lot of nice stuff there… LUV the guard robins and those sweet-heart crochet sacks and… oh, just everything! 🙂 ♥ ❤

  4. Moke says:

    You are very kind. I loved making them and think I may have to ‘find’ another Guard Robin – great against trolls (small), imps and naughty elves – for a home that needs one. We had a lovely time in the cottage. I felt very grateful for such a good Christmas. Thank you for letting me/us know about Year of the Sheep …. exciting! MxxxX

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