Little Things

Hello All

No 1 Daughter is home for a fews days and we are all excited. My girl is expecting …. her own girl! I have kept this under wraps for some time because it is up to mum-to-be how and when she wants the news shared but she has now said I can tell my lovely blog readers that I am going to be a grandma (or Omi in my case).

This has been a hard secret to keep. Especially as I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been making.

As soon as I heard I searched my woolly stash and found two balls of Rowan felted tweed,


perfect for the project I had in mind,


a striped boatneck sweater (jumper!) from the easy to follow “What to Knit When You’re Expecting” by Nikki Van De Car:


I love this book and it was one of the first I bought when I learned baby was on the way. The patterns are stylish and use beautiful soft yarns. I was really pleased with the results and now we know the baby is a little girl I’ll be adding a tiny blue skirt-dress to go underneath baby’s first Omi-made jumper:

I have friends that have been knitting baby ware for years. No babies on the horizon but just because they like knitting baby clothes. Strange folk I thought. Sure they always have something beautiful and handmade (only slight envy in tone here) to give new mums and dads but otherwise why?! Now I know!!! How wonderful to quickly knit up a whole wearable garment from fantastic yarns for a fraction of the price. Why did I not come to this sooner?

Scared of investing a huge amount of time (I am easily bored) and money into large projects for myself (and I mean large if its for me…) I rarely knit anything other than socks and mittens. But now that I have discovered the delights of knitting for little people there will be no stopping me. This baby and maybe her siblings and cousins (no pressure No 1 Son) will be swathed in woolly wearables.

Anyhoo I must get back to my 3.25s ….

Until next we meet, Moke x

PS Baby is due 13 December. Mx

PPS I get nothing for telling you about yarns and books I love. Mx

16 comments on “Little Things

  1. sewchet says:

    Congratulations! We’re to be first-time grandparents too, in September, but we don’t know the sex which makes it a bit tricky to make things. I’ve crocheted a cream shawl but will probably wait to make any clothes.

  2. Hi, I’ve just come across your lovely blog. I also like knitting and crocheting for little people (I have a 22 month old and another on the way). Sirdar’s Little Sweet Peas pattern book has some fab patterns in it x

    • Moke says:

      Hi and thank you for joining our merry band. Thank you also for a recommendation (worth its weight in gold) of the Little Sweet Peas pattern book. I will definitely be having a look. Are you enjoying being a grand parent? I hear its a wonderful thing to be. Moke xxx

  3. Oh and congratulations! I hope your daughter is keeping well. My next one is also due in December x

    • Moke says:

      Ditto the congratulations. We’ll all be busy this Christmas by the sounds of it. Best wishes to you and your growing family. Moke xxx

  4. Moke says:

    How super! Congratulations to you too. A shawl sounds a beautiful idea. Know what you mean about the colours, all of a sudden even pale green became a boy colour…. My daughter laughed at me using blue. Looking forward to ‘comparing’ notes. All my best wishes to you and your bump-grandchild. Moke xxx

  5. Jane Oliver says:

    Hi Marieca,

    This jumper is so cute it almost gets me all maternal! Hope Sorrell is getting all excited now she knows she’ll have a little girl to share happy times with.

    I used to knit loads of things in my teens and twenties including jumpers for myself but gave away my box of needles and accoutrements, maybe I’ll start again now I have more time.

    In the meantime hope the little skirt is coming along.


    • Moke says:

      Hello Jane! I imagine you would create beautiful things. I hope – now have chance to – you re-kindle your old hobby. S is well altho’ still tired. She’s visiting at the mo but will soon be on her way home to Leeds. Always a bit sad when they leave.
      I think I may be sewing the little skirt.
      Hope all well with you. B had a super holiday by the sounds of it.
      Love M xxxX

  6. Congratulations! Hope all goes well with the arrival of your first lil’ princess grand-baby 🙂 ♥ ❤

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