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Hello All

As you know little things please me. Something that is definitely not little however is monthly magazine Cumbria Life,


You may remember that I have talked about this super periodical before. We are very lucky to have such a high quality magazine celebrating our beautiful county. No surprise that I am a regular reader.

In July I took a trip to Leeds to visit No 1 Daughter and No 1 Son. I carried with me the latest Cumbria Life to keep me entertained and to share with my offspring. One of the articles took us on a merry stroll down memory lane as we recalled the No1s younger days at Kendal Calling music festival. So much mud!

Anyhoo I thought that I would regale the editorial team with my latest outing accompanied by their glossy magazine. And hey! what’s this on their letters page?


My name!!!


OK its not a Pullitzer. I did say little things please me.

Until next we meet, Moke x

P.S. Oops… the spots on that last picture are Cumbrian raindrops that decided to fall just as I was taking the photo.

4 comments on “This Cumbria Life

  1. sewchet says:

    The regional magazines are brilliant, aren’t they? We have Somerset Life down here and it’s just as interesting. Great to see your letter in print too!

    • Moke says:

      I feel a holiday idea here. Sampling all the different county magazines. Seeing what locals and visitors alike are reading. I have friends in the SW and it sounds like I should start with Somerset Life. M xx

  2. Jane Oliver says:


    I love Cumbria Life too and usually manage to read it for free in one of my ( many) favourite coffee shops and cafés; infact I was indulging myself with the very same only yesterday afternoon!

    Well done you for getting into print, I see a blockbuster on the horizon.

    Jane xx

    • Moke says:

      Chuckle! Its my favourite magazine read and there are some surprising articles like one on the investigative journalist Andrew Jennings in this month’s edition. Glad you are out and about enjoying all those lovely eateries. Mxxx

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