Beaten by the clock

Hello All

A quick  post today as time has gotten the better of me. I was hoping to unveil a finished project (for once, I hear you chorus) but I hadn’t realised the magnitude of the task I was setting myself. It was ever thus.

I have been working on a small person garment from the ‘Little Rowan’ pattern-book. I have got as far as this

two sides and the back of a moss stitch and cable waistcoat.

At this point I confess I had pithered about as I wasn’t looking forward to the next bit of the pattern. But today I planned to complete my knitting and show you the whole garment made up and ready to wear. I was right to pither ….

First I made the classic mistake (or is it only me for whom this is a classic mistake?) of sewing together the wrong sides. Aaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh. How come if I had wanted a seam to hold together it would have fallen open at the first  snip but when I want my stitching to undo I have sewn firmly enough to withstand a tug of war between two teams of super heroes?!

However after (only) an hour of unpicking I was ready to re-sew. The work of minutes. Then … groan …. another hour was ‘happily’ spent wresting with the task of lifting sufficient stitches on to the needle. And here they are sitting snuggly on my 2.75mm needle awaiting the garter stitch to come:


But by now the afternoon had worn on and while I have managed to get some actual knitting done (oh the joy),


I am nowhere near finishing.

I am sorry but the dog is crossing his legs and our stomachs are grumbling for tea-time. So short rations today … never fear I’ll be back to finish the story of the trickiest little waistcoat in the West very soon.

Until next we meet, Moke x

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