Hope you like your greens

Hello All

I said that I would be practising with my new camera app. As you know photography is not my forte so it couldn’t be any worse, right? Well you are right! Definitely sharper and clearer. Sorry turns out a good camera doesn’t help my sense of composition or subject. If you are allergic to green look away now. I’ll tell you when it’s safe to come back.

I have a penchant for allotments. There I have admitted it. I love the thought of all those superb tasty veggies growing in small scale patchwork ranks. Mmmm satisfying.

On my way through to Oxenholme Station I like to wander from the main road and walk through allotment land.

Yummy goodness. Gorgeous fruit tress. No scrumping was undertaken. Honest.

Everyone has their own style. From slightly chaotic to serried ranks. You. Leeks! shoulders back, stand up straight.

Anyone remember ‘The Flower Pot Men’ ? Bill and Ben and most especially Little Weeeeeed? Those were innocent times!!!!!

Productive way to recycle old window units.

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.

If you are ready for some new recipes for all those scrummy, crunchy, luscious veggies… (oh yes… you can look back greeniness is over … sort of).

I spotted this book yesterday and thanks to a kindly friend JH and her gift of a book voucher I was able to buy it and bring it home. At first I thought it might have too many fancy clancy ingredients that this country mouse would struggle to get. But as I sat drooling at all the tastiness within I realised the recipes were heart-warming, stomach-filling and easily made. In addition to the glorious food are tales of the rich Middle Eastern culinary heritage beautifully and humorously written.

Definitely got p166 Imam Biyaldi (The Swooning Imam … apparently) lined up for a warming supper. And warming is the order of the day here in the Cumbrian summer. Don’t know about anyone else but I have been ffffffffreezing lately. So much so it has been even more of a pleasure to work on one of my ongoing projects, the scrap blanket.

Thankfully it has reached the stage where it is large enough to cover my legs and toes. And the scrap mountain is going down. Win win.

Hope your week is going well. What are you and your weather up to?

Until next we meet,
Moke xxx

New Technology Here I Come

Hello All

Glad to say that thanks to some brand new technology I am back with you and able to again enjoy the joy of the blogosphere.

Thank you to the wonderful people that have stuck with me and huge apologies to new followers. I cannot tell you the guilt I felt when I saw your names bob up in my emails knowing I could not even thank you for following me.

Giddy now with a new iPad you may get random irregular posts until I get a grip and settle to a routine. I am liking the idea of a Friday post. What do you think?

Of course I am still busing it and don’t want to bore you with an update that will run something like: Got on the bus, it rained. Work. Got back on bus, still raining. Home. Eat. Sleep.

Never fear I am still crafting …. often on the bus … and reading … usually on the bus …. and tootling around my lovely county … always on the bus. Stop with the buses! I hear you cry.

(Cough, clear throat and move on).

Once I have mastered the camera – my project for tomorrow – I hope this will again be a colourful, cosy and crafty place to be.

Shall we say see you again on Friday?

Until we meet next, Moke x