New Technology Here I Come

Hello All

Glad to say that thanks to some brand new technology I am back with you and able to again enjoy the joy of the blogosphere.

Thank you to the wonderful people that have stuck with me and huge apologies to new followers. I cannot tell you the guilt I felt when I saw your names bob up in my emails knowing I could not even thank you for following me.

Giddy now with a new iPad you may get random irregular posts until I get a grip and settle to a routine. I am liking the idea of a Friday post. What do you think?

Of course I am still busing it and don’t want to bore you with an update that will run something like: Got on the bus, it rained. Work. Got back on bus, still raining. Home. Eat. Sleep.

Never fear I am still crafting …. often on the bus … and reading … usually on the bus …. and tootling around my lovely county … always on the bus. Stop with the buses! I hear you cry.

(Cough, clear throat and move on).

Once I have mastered the camera – my project for tomorrow – I hope this will again be a colourful, cosy and crafty place to be.

Shall we say see you again on Friday?

Until we meet next, Moke x

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