Running Repairs

Hello All

I do find that life throws up a constant need for running repairs…. scraped knees, pulled hems, sour milk … You know the little bits and bobs that keep you on your toes and get the old grey matter problem solving. But brain surgery?!

Some time ago I made Peanut a rather (shhh don’t let him hear this next bit) grotesque crochet giraffe. He is called Gerald. Although not the most beautiful of creations he is one of Peanut’s first toys (poor child) and sadly he fell foul of No 1’s new dog’s urge to chew … seems everyone is a critic!

From this angle he doesn’t look too bad:

But turn him over and the damage (bad dog!) becomes more apparent:

That loose thread is a clue – look away if you are at all squeamish – to the real damage … brace yourselves:

Ouch! Don’t worry he can’t feel a thing. Of course I now no longer have this wool (it’s probably taken up home in the ever growing scrap blanket) matching is never going to happen so what to do? Any ideas?

No 1 has come up with the idea of a hat. I think she may just have something. Hopefully Gerald will soon be donning a jaunty beanie/a deer stalker/bobble hat/balaclava … decisions decisions! Let me know if you have any preferences.

This is a big week for me. Miniature hat making may have to wait. I am on the move work-wise again. This blog was born out of my last job change. It’ll Be Reet was initially a way of recording of my last weeks with the young people’s library service. Happily I came to love writing to you all so much that I (more or less) kept going.

My present work does not lend itself to broadcast (there are no cut out bats for a start) but my respect for those I work with does. You are an intelligent diligent bunch and it has been a privilege to work with you. There are many who I have been thankful to over the last 4 years but special mention must go to my closest colleagues: PS, EH, VH, MB, RC, GCW (alias Mrs Pod!), LG and EB. What have I forgotten someone?! ….. LH …… your initials in lights at last. Thank you all so much.

It’s going to be an emotional week … someone please remember the tissues!

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

4 comments on “Running Repairs

  1. sorrellcoulsonhotmailcom says:

    His name is Geoffrey actually. Haha. I still think you could crochet a little hat onto his head. Or even a bandage 😁 xXx

    • Moke says:

      My goodness! You are quite right. Apologies Geoffrey! (Aka Gerald who is actually a Bookshop Bunny). Think I need a holiday. Think I am going with a hat. Mx

  2. MrsCraft says:

    I think your giraffe would look smashing in a fez!

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