Big and Boho

Hello All

Crafty winter projects are at the forefront of my mind after a week of very cold temperatures. When the thermometer shows that Shropshire is colder than Moscow you know there is a nip in the air. To sate my need for warmth and busy work I took a trip to the wonderful Loopy wool shop in Ulverston yesterday and stocked up with yarn for knitting projects to cheer the chilly nights.

Sadly – as I am sure I will have bewailed before – despite Kendal’s motto being ‘Wool is my Bread’ there are no longer any dedicated wool shops here. Sob! Good job Ulverston is a bustling cheery town delightful to visit and Loopy’s proprietor Andrea is everything you could wish for: helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, creative and with a marvellous stock. So what goodies did I get?

I am hoping to use the Lister pattern – which I picked up a while ago – to make my granddaughter little Peanut a Fair Isle jumper. Wish me luck this is my first attempt at Fair Isle…..gulp……

As to the fabulous ‘Fusions’ wool …. we shall have to wait and see….

The eagle eyed knitters amongst you will already have spotted my big blunder. Can you see what I did wrong? Taking only a list of what I needed (or thought I needed) into the shop rather than the patterns meant that Andrea couldn’t spot my mistake. I thought the pattern asked for 9 balls. What it actually meant was 9 ounces. By the by the pattern is pre-metrication no one report me to Trading Standards. I am such a dope. I didn’t even twig when I required less of the ‘Fusion’ wool for what is a bigger project. Peanut’s mum may end up with a matching waistcoat!

To assuage my guilt at such an oversight. I turned my mind to a request from No 1 Daughter for some Boho cushions. It gave me the opportunity to return to the selvedge yarn I used for the rug. One selvedge ball later and voila a big Boho cushion for beloved offspring.

Using my giant needles I knitted up two ‘squares’ in next to no time then using thick contrast wool crocheted the two halves together around a cushion pad. The selvedge fabric make for an even cosier cushion than usual, very snuggly. Even better the cushion was so quickly made that I have had time to get cracking on Peanut’s Fair Isle jumper

Oh goodness just remembered all that wool… I had better be off.

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

5 comments on “Big and Boho

  1. sewchet says:

    Whoops, but surely you can return any unused balls? I, too, have plenty of stock for the colder nights to come and have even downloaded a ‘crackling fire’ scene for the TV as we don’t have a log fire in there.

    • Moke says:

      Morning – Cheers. I did (eventually) think of returning the excess although it will depend on when I next go to Ulverston. Just seen a lovely wrap pattern on ‘Fox’s Lane’ which would suit the yarn and colour. I use the crackling log fire too! That and a cup of warmed mulled wine and I am cosy as can be. Have a super festive period with your lovely family. Best wishes Mx

  2. I do like WYS yarn – it works up so nicely. I’ve just bought some to make Mr Snail a second pair of wellie socks – a purple variegated colourway that he particularly liked. I’m sure you’ll find something to do with the spare yarn – a matching skirt perhaps?

    • Moke says:

      WYS have just changed their labels which was a topic of some debate in Loopy’s! I hadn’t thought of a skirt. I have spotted a nice wrap on Fox’s Lane blog which would suit the wool and colour I think. Best wishes Mx

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