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I have a confession. In the crafting carnage that was Christmas 2016 I ‘killed’ two sewing machines (in my defence one was pretty vintage). I have staggered on without one ever since. I couldn’t believe how often I thought or more boringly for friends said ‘If only I had a machine ….’. Yet I procrastinated thinking I would move on – after all I am a woolly craft person – but no. Eventually I cracked. So here I am introducing my new acquisition:

My jolly Janome more formally known as Janome Decor Computer DC3050. But what is a sewing machine without a project? And with lots of scraps of fabric I thought a patchwork cushion would make a good ‘getting to know your machine’ project. Who knew how difficult patchwork is?! Well I am sure you do. Yet someone not a million miles from this keyboard rushed in very much in the tradition of fools everywhere.

It all started well. I found a fabulous blog at Very Berry Handmade telling you step by step how to make a beautiful cushion. Off I set ignoring the advice about High and Low Value fabrics but somehow stumbling upon a happy combination of squares despite my chaotic methodology:

Soon I was sewing together my squares…too soon. First off I misjudged the size of the seams. Gosh half an inch is much narrower than you think. I did manage to press the sewn strips in alternate directions let’s go with that:

Then I was rather gung-ho about sewing up the strips although as you can see I was beginning to follow the instructions and line up the seams by the last couple.

Oh well I was after shabby chic heavy emphasis on the shabby and in any event I was having a whale of a time. Soon I was adding borders.

And … wonders will never cease …. quilting!

In next to no time I was whizzing up an envelope back with a contrast binding and (fanfare please) even a cheeky buttonhole.

Voila a finished cushion!

Thanks to Jolly Janome I am now snuggled up with a very plumptious shabby and perhaps not too chic cushion. I think Jolly and I are going to get on.

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

P.S. Just in case you were wondering I will be getting my two old machines looked at. No 1 Daughter wants the old machine and as I have discovered it is always good to have a spare or one to hand for group sewing projects. Mx

12 comments on “Cushioned

  1. It’s a lovely cushion, and you had fun, equals, result! 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Your first quilting project looks awesome! I’m a beginner too, and my first project was a hot pad that I messed up completely. But I had so much fun doing it, so I’ve continued to try and gotten way better with practice! You’ll be sewing quilts in no time 😊

    • Moke says:

      Thank you. I have a small group of friends who are fantastic at patchwork so hoping for some tuition! It is great to have a working sewing machine again and the cushion was an icebreaker. Mxxx

  3. My 35 year old sewing machine struggles with some of the things I want it to do, and I’m wondering whether it’s time to have a new one…

    • Moke says:

      Morning – my mother’s old machine and my last machine gave up their respective ghosts on (ironically) a patchwork project. This time I looked for a machine that can cope with all fabrics including heavy ones. Both the old machines were Singer so I also went for a change. If yours is still going that is a great advert for its make. Good luck. Mxxx

      • Mine is a Singer too – but it’s not coping well with jersey fabrics despite a fairly recent service.

      • Moke says:

        I loved Singer but my last machine had a lot of problems. I could just have been unlucky. It took a lot of looking before I decided on my current machine. I will keep you posted on how it performs. I have some jersey to make harem pants for my granddaughter perhaps I will make that my next sewing project. Mxxx

      • I’d love to know how you get on. I’m incredibly reluctant to buy a new machine unless I’m sure that it will do what I want it to, and a personal recommendation is always best.

      • Moke says:

        I am with you. It is such a big investment. I will keep you posted. I am already looking at harem pant patterns for children. Mxxx 🙂

  4. camparigirl says:

    So envious of your sewing skills. Love that quilted pillow.

    • Moke says:

      Thank you. It is everso wonky but consequently goes with most of my decor! No 1 Daughter is after some cushions for her house so hopefully hers will be un-wonky. Mxxx

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