Keeping Warm

Hello All

Remember the lovely Christmas wools I received from No 1 ‘Daughter In Law’?

Which I had started working into a hat?

I am pleased to report that said cable hat is now complete and ready (when weather stops being so foul) for walks in them thar hills.

Hardy Herdy bear has been called in to model as I didn’t want to scare the children with a photo of myself! I love the colours of the yarn and it has made up into a beautiful cosy head snuggler.

The forecast up here (Lake District, England) is for snow and colder weather so what’s a girl/lady/woman/person to do but make use of a trip into town to stock up on the necessaries for a keeping warm and snug at home project.

Kettle’s boiled. Tea is made. Thick socks adorn feet. Chunky jumper insulates my already ample frame. Jolly Janome here I come. I may be some time.

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

8 comments on “Keeping Warm

  1. Lovely hat! So good of your model to stand in:)

  2. Great hat – you really are going to need it!

  3. Love the hat and the gorgeous fabrics you have chosen 🙂

  4. camparigirl says:

    Did you make Hardy Herdy too?

    • Moke says:

      Morning – I did indeed. He was going to be a character in a children’s story but so far he has only been the star of my granddaughter’s birthday party. Which he did seem to enjoy! Mxxx

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