Homeward bound

Hello All

Tuesday 24 April and Wednesday 25 April 2018

Stocked up with goodies from the amazing ‘Better Life’ shop at Bremen railway station we set off home.

Our last two continental trains ran smoothly and we were in Amsterdam with enough time for a few photographs before catching the link coach and boarding the Newcastle ferry.

I had managed to book a Commodore cabin for our return journey (get me!) so while I was really sad to be leaving Europe at least we did so in comfort and on a very calm sea (not that the cabin had any bearing on the latter).

We awoke in the morning in sight of the coast of Britain and enjoyed being spoiled with a ‘Commodore’ breakfast

As we sailed the last sea miles to South Shields.

Too soon we were docking and coach-bound for Newcastle. We cheered ourselves up by visiting a vegan supermarket ‘Farplace’ which we had spotted on our way out.

Then all that was left was the train to Leeds followed by the wee shuttle train to my daughter’s village. The conductor on our last train was especially sweet checking our tickets last so that he could have a look at our Inter-Rail passes and ask about our travels. He was a great person to welcome us home.

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

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