Solstice Sewing

Hello All

In days gone by I would have been in the midst of a Solstice drum circle tonight but today I am happily finishing off a couple of sewing projects with Jolly Janome.

The Avid Seamstress raglan dress is finished!

Apologies for the naff photo. Without modelling it myself (eeek, no one needs to see that) this was my best attempt. Let me describe the finer features of this simple frock: the neckline flows in a beautiful curve and the darts running vertically for a few inches from the top of each sleeve give a very pleasing fit over my shoulders.

In case you were curious as to the meaning I have checked out “raglan”. Thanks Mrs Wiki. A raglan is a one piece sleeve that extends from underarm to collar creating a diagonal seam where it joins to the garment body. Ready for a wee bit of history? Here it comes…apparently this style of sleeve was designed by Aquascutum for Lord Raglan after he lost an arm at the Battle of Waterloo. The raglan sleeve was created in order that the wearer could freely use their sword in battle. Who knew?!

Thankfully gentler pursuits call me. Recently I have been repopulating my sofas with patchwork cushions. Here is the latest:

Front and …


I think you will agree that the new addition sits rather companionably with one I made earlier:

The end of a good day’s sewing. But as the sun continues to light this longest of days there is still time for a drum rhythm or several.

Until next we meet,

Moke xxx

4 comments on “Solstice Sewing

  1. Patch says:

    I understand your reluctance to model your dress… I am the same. I have a crocheted shrug which I have yet to blog about because I don’t want to model it!! I need a willing friend!! Are you really pleased with it? Are you going to wear it lots and would you make more from the same pattern?? I guess I just need to give it a go. We can’t compare really as everyone is unique when it comes to shape/size/fit etc. Perhaps I’ll add it to the ever growing list of plans for the summer holidays (which rarely gets completed!!). Thanks for showing it completed.

    • Moke says:

      Hi – I have already worn it to a Crafty Ladies gathering. In the heat we are having at the moment it was really comfortable. I made it in the largest size and probably could have made it a size or two smaller. I am always terrified that things will be too small as I have made that mistake with another pattern and I am still waiting for that top to fit! My fault for not measuring myself properly. Overall I am really pleased with the dress. I could also have followed the advice of the lady in the shop and avoided putting in a zip as it goes easily over my head. I think the fabric makes it but I do like the way the sleeves sit on my shoulders and the neckline curves beautifully. Good luck with your making. Mxxx

  2. usfman says:

    Thank you for reading my blog.

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