Trusty Steed

Hello All

New job, new place of work, new transport. Those of you that regularly visit me here at Casa Moke will know that I am very fond of a bus journey and failing that a train or perhaps even Shanks’ Pony. Prepare to be amazed. The easiest way for me to travel to work will be by …..

bike! Sorry if you were expecting a horse. Neigh! It is a two-wheeled steed that will see me hurtling to early starts come September.

Thanks to No 1 Daughter who left her bicycle behind and thanks to Bike Ranger Steve who took it away for a service I am almost road-worthy (just fitting the lights) and ready for a few test runs. Oh my lor’…they do say you never forget. Let’s hope ‘they’ are right.

I feel my (oops No 1 Daughter’s) bike is female and while No 1 Daughter did not give her a name I am toying with calling her Hecate. Hecate was the Ancient Greek goddess of crossroads who protected travellers from evil on the road. I am hoping that there is not a great deal of evil on the road from home over the couple of miles to work but being at a crossroads resonates. Let’s give Hecate a whirl.

Remaining pedestrian at heart I strolled into town yesterday for a little bit of shopping and look what you see when you are walking:

The Vegan Is Kind website set my mouth watering. What a fab idea hope I can try the supper club soon.

Inspired by the Heathen Vegan, hungry after the walk and topped up with the necessary ingredients from town I trundled home to make an asian themed supper of Tarka Dal, Saag Aloo, and Roti together with a simple salad of onion and tomatoes mixed with lemon juice.

Delicious if I say so myself. Making the roti was particularly satisfying! With heaps left over I am hoping it will taste even better today. Infact I am getting a little peckish as I type. Best dash.

Until next we meet

Moke x

4 comments on “Trusty Steed

  1. Patch says:

    Wishing you a safe and flat journey to work on your trusty steed….. I can’t do hills on a bike, I just have to get off and walk which makes cycling pointless where I live now!!!

    • Moke says:

      Thanks Patch. I am the same on hills! Lucky for me it is mostly downhill going and I will just have to take my time coming back…puff wheeze. I’ll be fit (to drop) soon. Take care. Mxxx

  2. camparigirl says:

    Love, love that bike. Wish I didn’t live up a steep hill.

    • Moke says:

      Thank you I am pleased to have snaffled it from No 1 Daughter. My home is on top of a middling sort of hill so there may be a lot of walking and pushing involved on the way home! But I think even pushing would be out of the question for your hill if it is anything like I am imagining. Eek. Mxxx

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