Hopping and skipping

Hi All

Trying to get back into my blogging stride so as I hop and skip to catch up with myself here are the last couple of months in a pictorial montage:

Keep well. Be back soon,

Moke x

2 comments on “Hopping and skipping

  1. usfman says:

    Happy Holidays and I hope you resume your blog from lovely Leeds I believe it is.

    • Moke says:

      And same festive greetings to you! Well remembered, I am spending part of the holiday with my son and family in Leeds and then my daughter and family are here hoping for some crisp morning walks in the Lakes. Full time work has certainly bitten into blogging, but fingers crossed I will be back soon when Christmas sewing is done! Thanks for the compliment and still dipping in to It’ll be Reet. Hope all well with you and you spend the holidays as you want. Best Yuletide wishes M

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