Here goes nothing….

Hello All

I am presently trying to simplify my life and in the process empty my house ready for a move. But letting go sees me clinging to my stuff like a barnacle to a ship’s hull. Time for some fresh thinking and by a useful piece of serendipity into my consciousness came a wonderful blog written by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus with a helpful game to play. The blog is called The Minimalists and the game is a 30 day challenge to dispose of a rising number of items everyday. Sounds easy but as you have to increase the number of things you get rid of each day – Day 1 one item, Day 2 two items … Day 30 thirty items – I reckon it could get quite tough.

I need to get cracking with house clearing so I am setting 1 June 2014 as my start date. My good friend JG has taken up the challenge with me but it is definitely a case of the more the merrier so let us know if you are joining in.

What counts as an item is up to the disposer. Let your conscience be your guide. To be ‘rid of’ an item it has to leave your home before midnight of the day you count it. It can go in the bin, be recycled, given away or sold. A bit of planning may therefore be required.

No beating yourselves up here. Let’s see how many days we can manage. I’ll keep you posted on progress hopefully with photos of what has gone….

Until next time. Moke