Sheepfest …. spot Lorry.

Please note there may be one or two sheep in this blog.

Hello All

With 103 sheep dotted through the small Dales town of Sedbergh for its first ever Sheepfest taking photos of sheep became addictive. Somewhere among them there may be a small Frickel pig called Lorry. Can you spot him?

There were magnificent sheep in shop windows.

Sheep lest we forget.

Cheeky sheep.


Shop sheep.

Literary sheep.


The Baaaaaa-rd of Sedbergh (AW’s own work….isn’t he great?).


Jolly sheep.

Realistic sheep.

Local historian sheep.

Estate Agent sheep.

(N)ew(e) – born sheep (the lady in this shop is expecting a baby any day, this was a lovely touch).


Shopping sheep.


Poorly sheep (in chemist’s window…where else?!)


Farming sheep.


Stone-wall sheep.


Twin-town Slovenian sheep.


Crafty sheep.


Farfield Mill sheep.

Bell ringing sheep.


Musical sheep.


…the vicar even looked a bit woolly …


I know this is impossible but incase you are a little sheep-ed out. Pride of place at the top of the aisle was this beautiful coat of many colours.


Made of small woven strips

created by local school children with the help of community artist Donna Campbell the coat is a work of art. It was lovely eavesdropping on children proudly showing-off their strips to parents and grand-parents.

I am sorry that I couldn’t capture a picture of every sheep – some were let down by my inadequacies as a photographer – but I think even this little selection will give some idea of how hard the people of Sedbergh had worked to make Sheepfest such great fun. It was a real tribute to their town and them.

A super day out!

Until next we meet, Moke x

PS Did you spot him?

8 comments on “Sheepfest …. spot Lorry.

  1. Nice ones! I like the shopping sheep 😀

    • Moke says:

      Hi Indah – Thanks for dropping by. The sheep were brilliant. The locals had made such an effort to make them relevant to their businesses and hobbies, they were hilarious. I thought of you when I was there because you are such a wonderful photographer and I needed some advice…how do you take photos through glass (shop windows)? Lovelly to hear from you. Moke xx

      • Hi Moke, thank you for remembering me 🙂 it is always tricky to take picture through glass bcause of the reflection. First trick is to look several angle/point of shooting – yep, a photographer has to move around 😉 second trick is using polarizer. It is an extra filter for your camera lens. Polarizer is very helpful in adjusting colors and lights through your lens. I hope this will help to overcome the reflection 🙂

      • Moke says:

        Hi Indah – Thanks for getting back to me. I am a bit of a stand and snap person! so I’ll try moving about more and if I find that a lot of what I want to photo is behind glass I’ll look into polarizers. Your expert advice is much appreciated and very useful. I was telling my daughter (who is surprised I have even picked up a camera!) about your wonderful photography. Cheers Moke xx

      • My pleasure Moke! Glad that you enjoy photography and my works! Oh, other option is to get the lens so close to the window or cover the camera with black cloth (but honestly I have never done the last one ;)). I usually put the lens very close to the windows on the airplane 😀

  2. That’s a whole lot of sheepishness, Moke 🙂 I didn’t spot Lorry… but shared it on my fb page, so maybe someone else will 🙂 ❤ ❤

  3. Moke says:

    Hi Indah – I am going to experiment with the up to glass method…I know a friendly wool shop who won’t be surprised to find me pressed up to their window. Thanks again, Moke xx

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